Q. I once heard you mention Gems a la carte, what did you mean by that? 

I often tell doctors that Gems Platinum membership is like a smorgasbord of Gems (proven effective practice-building strategies and concepts). Sure, in your first 3 months there are a few specific "Gems" you'll start with because during the last 20 years working with dentists we've found pretty much everyone needs (and does really well with) them. And like most Gems, they're EASY to deploy, and they are FAST.

Of course even during your first 3 months if there's something you're already rockin' at... let's say you're hygienists are already getting 92% acceptance of adult Fluoride... adults paying out of pocket... then we'll just skip that one and move on to the next, or ask your Personal Gems Concierge to help you select a Gem of your choice from hundreds of others.

It's also a la carte since you are welcomed come and try "Gems"... but as a Platinum member you are NEVER OBLIGATED BEYOND THE MONTH YOU ARE IN. It's on us to ensure you are having fun, your TEAM IS ENJOYING the experience, we're helping you help your patients achieve better health... and you're making a WHOLE LOT MORE MONEY!

Q. If I try membership how long is the commitment? 

Many of our members stay for a long time (some for well over a decade). BUT there is NEVER ANY LONG-TERM COMMITMENT with Gems Insiders' Circle Platinum membership beyond the month you are in. You may cancel at any time if you don't feel that value you are receiving far outweighs your investment.  

Q. How long before I would see measurable results? 

That's the coolest part. If you read through the testimonials or watch the videos you'll hear many of our Gems Family Members commenting on how QUICKLY THEY ENJOYED RESULTS. Of course it's up to you and your team what you DO with the "Gems." But it's not at all uncommon to see results within the first couple weeks. We WANT YOU TO SUCCEED so you can help more patients, make more money, and together Gems Family Members can make a SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE in the health and happiness of our patients.

As a new member you will be introduced to your Personal Gems Concierge. Your Gems Concierge will be at your service to help you with ANY questions relating to anything on Planet Gems. He will speak regularly with your team to help them with questions, find resources, etc.. You will also be introduced to your Coach. Gems Insiders' Circle Platinum family members enjoy the benefit of a 30-Minute one-on-one live coaching call with a GG12 Certified Coach once every quarter year. 

With your Gems Team of Concierge, Coach, and Elizabeth (my wife, the Engineer who will help you with your Team Bonus System and beyond) you'll be WELL-EQUIPPED for RAPID SUCCESS.

Q. I don't have a full team right now. I'm searching for a couple of team members. Should I wait to join until after I have my full team?  

You are about to make one of the most important decisions in dental practice. The hiring decision. We have created a process we call the "Hiring Funnel." It's part of the Gem we call "How to Hire SuperStar Team Members!" The first essential step is broadening the neck of the funnel. All too often we hire too quickly due to the vacuum created by the loss of a team member. Dentists frequently select from far too small a pool of applicants. Learn how to broaden the funnel and bring in much larger numbers of potentially qualified applicants.  

The next step is to slowly narrow the funnel in order to avoid wasting precious time meeting with and speaking to respondents who are not qualified. Each of the steps of the funnel serves to narrow the field further and further. Throughout most of the process you never personally speak with any of them. Doctor or office manager only meets with candidates after they've made through a series of vetting steps to ensure you have the opportunity to interview only the best candidates. You'll be surprised WHO they are and WHAT makes them "qualified." HINT: It aint experience!  

Even after they've made it through your hiring gauntlet, you'll take the cream of the cream... the top few, and put them through three final tests. We have often been surprised which of our final candidates made it all the way through with flying colors and which crashed and burned during the final three. Only after deploying the final three tests were we able to make an unemotional business-based choice. We use the EXACT SAME SYSTEM to hire our Gems Team members today.  

Come join our Gems Family now, before you sink any deeper into the hiring process. You'll learn how to approach the all important hiring decision from a BUSINESS and SYSTEMS perspective unlike anything you've ever been exposed to in dentistry. Nothing is foolproof but this system will increase the odds you find your next SuperStar team member while eliminating the guesswork and the wasted time associated with what we were all taught about how to hire employees.  

Q. I've tried other programs and have been turned off by their excessive focus on the money. How is yours any different?  

One of my biggest flaws... what nearly cost me to lose my home and my practice... is also what makes me very different and thus my program different. I have ALWAYS put patient health and best interest first. During my first 15 years in practice my ONLY FOCUS was taking every course and continuum I could find in order to improve my clinical skills.      

Unfortunately I did this to the detriment of the financial well-being of my practice and my family. It wasn't until my near crash and burn that I faced the fact that I needed to learn how to run a business as well. But my focus has never changed. We are fortunate to be in a profession in which effectively serving our patients' best interest as MISSION ONE... coupled with the deployment of even just a few key "Gems," results in PROFESSIONAL SATISFACTION and  the opportunity to BUILD WEALTH.     

Q. Tom, I'm anxious to improve my practice but quite frankly don't want to put a ton of time into a coaching program right now. Will your a la carte membership require a lot of time on my part?

The short answer is no. Two reasons. First, much of what we'll do is train your team. Should you be involved? Yes. But you need not invest much time. We offer hundreds of different "Gems" or "Team Training Toolkits." Your Personal Gems Concierge will help you identify which "Gem" is most likely to give you the fastest easiest results. Some "Gems" take an hour or two and you're up and running. A few may be more complex and require more time.     

The second reason is that we urge Gems Family members not to do very much. It seems counterintuitive... but the less you do the better outcome you may experience. Of course to a point. Do nothing and you'll get nothing! We suggest limiting to ONE GEM per month. We've had many members who've experienced multiple six figure increases in less than a year, while deploying just one Gem every couple months.     

Q. I used to have a team bonus system but at this point I honestly couldn't even tell you how it works as we've been flat-lined for a couple years and so there have been no bonuses. I do my own payroll. How complex are your team bonus system calculations I would need to learn in order to calculate bonus for my team?

You need not learn ANY Bonus System calculations. Our "Team Bonus System that Works!" is a DONE-FOR-YOU system. Sure, we'll recommend that you and your team watch the video in which I explain how the system works. But that's it. Your Personal Gems Concierge will give you access to a shared Google Sheet in which all of the calculations have been pre-programmed for you. You or one of your team members simply drops in your numbers (take about 10 seconds) and voila. Everything will automatically calculate. You'll know what the goal. You'll know at any given point how much time is left and how far you are from hitting the goal. And... the system will calculate how much to pay each team member when goal is reached.     

Q. I practice in an economically depressed area. As much as I would like to help my patients improve their health, I'm not sure they have the money and even if they did I doubt they would spend it on their teeth... Can you help?

When my father was dying of cancer he asked me to take over his practice and rebuild it so my mother would have something to live on. I knew things were tough for him but it was the first time he'd told me really how bad things were. Cancelled his life insurance, zero retirement savings, and he was behind over $100,000.00 on routine bills to labs and suppliers. Elizabeth and I promised him that we'd take care of my mother, and we did.       

Whereas my practice was 100% fee for service in an economically average suburb of Boston, his was 99% PPO and was located inside a WalMart-like department store in an economically depressed urban environment. He passed away and Elizabeth and I set out to make good on our promise to turn his practice around and take care of my mom. He had a huge team made up of nice people who quite frankly doubted that our "Gems" would work in "their" office. They really did want to help us and their patients... just didn't believe it would work.        

Not only did the same concepts and strategies ("Gems") work, we were able to eliminate 13 of his 15 managed care plans and eventually sold a highly profitable practice and set my mother up financially. Since then, we've worked with hundreds of practices including a wide range of demographics. What we find time and again is that "The attitude of the seller is far more important than the attitude of the buyer with respect to the likelihood of a sale." My father's team learned to help our patients achieve far better health than they thought was possible while helping us to build a great practice and financial security for my mother.       

I remember a young lady named Amy. She was the lead of three full-time hygienists in one of our member offices in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Amy told me that her patients absolutely needed Fluoride and that she was anxious to try my Fluoride Verbal skills. But in the same breath she told me that many of their patients were poor and she doubted many would be willing to pay out-of-pocket for Fluoride. Two weeks later I received an email from Amy, who was clearly excited (the way she wrote I thought she was going to pop through my computer at any moment to tell me in person!) To her disbelief, not only were their patients accepting and paying for Fluoride, but they were already getting nearly 80% acceptance and after their prophy,        many patients were coming up to the front desk checkbooks and credit cards in hand (to pay for the Fluoride treatment).        

Q. I Desperately need more new patients. Can Gems Platinum   help me with this?

Yes we can help increase your new patient flow. For those looking to ramp up new patient flow, one of our Platinum members' favorite benefits is our "Advanced Marketing Brain Trust" (AMBT). You'll have access to a deep stash of proven-effective marketing from which you may borrow (swipe!) I share newspaper ads, postcards and free-standing inserts I wrote for my practices which resulted in targeted (by the treatment and cases I wanted to attract) new patient flow. You'll also have access to a number of press releases that got me multiple major Boston TV station (ABC, NBC, CBS Boston local affiliate) evening news interviews. We have radio ad scripts, billboards and more.          

PLUS... through our "Advanced Marketing Brain Trust," many of our members share ads that are currently working for them. It's kind of like a "Gems Family Marketing Coop." Another of our members' favorite sections in AMBT is the "Event Based Marketing." You'll enjoy unlimited access to documents and photographs showing exactly how our members have deployed several types of Event Based Marketing as well as my videos walking you step-by-step through the process. Team members LOVE the events. They're fun, and they can be very lucrative for the team (based upon RESULTS!)                 

We are finding more and more often patients getting angry and leaving us over insurance misunderstandings, underpayment, denials etc. Can you help?

I feel your pain. In the 1970's and early 1980's the introduction of dental insurance appeared to be a blessing for patients and providers. Today it has become one of the leading nightmares costing us time, money and worse, driving a wedge between doctors and our patients. Today, more practices waste more time and effort on dental insurance problems than it's worth.   


Two words that describe what this 800 pound gorilla of an industry is doing to dentists and dental team members day in and day out. The good news is that you need not take it anymore. We share a protocol with our Gems Family members on "HOW TO FIGHT BACK AGAINST INSURANCE BULLYING." It can reduce the number of times claims are rejected, arbitrarily downgraded to cheaper substitute codes, and can even reduce the number of times insurance companies OUTRIGHT LIE to you (and your patients). "We didn't receive that claim." "We didn't receive the necessary accompanying radiographs." Etc.   

The reason they've put so much effort into bullying us is simple. They make HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS EXTRA PROFIT when they DENY and/or DELAY payment on claims. Ask your team members how long they have to wait on hold when the call to followup on an unpaid claim! With our secret Gems of "HOW TO FIGHT BACK AGAINST INSURANCE BULLYING" you will no longer be defenseless against the bully.      

PLUS... there's much more you can do to reduce (if not nearly eliminate) the misunderstandings and hard-feelings with patients about their insurance. We'll train your team with exactly what to say (and have patients sign) in order to ensure there are no more misunderstandings about what they thought (hoped, dreamed!) insurance was going to cover. We go one step further... we then show your team exactly how to ELIMINATE THE NEED TO EVER BILL ANOTHER PATIENT FOR A BALANCE after insurance has paid their portion. STOP CHASING PATIENTS FOR MONEY. It only wastes valuable team time and causes hard feelings between patient and practice.       

No, I'm not a proponent of the all cash practice! In fact, if you wish, you'll find Gems which give patients more options for much longer term payback... even those patients who've failed to pass the credit check with your 3rd party financing company... and I'll reveal to your team how you can MITIGATE THE RISK in order to MAXIMIZE PROFIT (while making your patients really happy and healthy in the process). I say "If you wish" since "Gems" are like a smorgasbord. Choose what looks best to you and enjoy!      

Q. I was with one of the big-name programs (name withheld to protect the guilty) but my team got turned off when they TOLD US TO LIE ON THE PHONE TO PROSPECTIVE NEW PATIENTS about their insurance and whether or not we were in-network. What is your philosophy on this?

My philosophy is simple. Same thing I always told patients who asked me if I would waive the co-payment. First I explained to the patient that I was certain they were unaware... and that they would not have asked had they known... but that what they've asked me to do is ILLEGAL. It's FRAUD. Then I said, "When you find a dentist who'll do what your asking me to do, you've found a dentist you can't trust." 

I get why they tell you to lie. You'll get more patients in the door. But at what cost? I've met many team members who've taken the brunt of the FALLOUT from that strategy. New patient arrives at the office only to be told that's not exactly what we said/meant. Actually we're not in-network etc etc... New patient (understandably) gets upset, often taking out their anger on the team member in front of everyone in the reception area. The answer is simple. Always do the right thing and you won't have to try to remember what you said. You'll know. You told them the truth.

What should you do when a prospective new patient calls and asks if you are an in-network provider for their PPO insurance (when you are not)? We help our Gems Family members with a simple, easy to remember, short script which allows you to answer their question honestly, while dramatically improving the odds that the patient will still want to schedule an appointment in your practice. If you're wondering which works better... lying and telling them you are in-network with their insurance "Come on in!" or using my script (the truth, but with a dash of the best possible ethical persuasion)... well, it depends upon whether you're measuring "better" short-term or long. Lying will get more folks through the door initially. But in the long run HONESTY WILL ALWAYS SERVE YOU BETTER.

Q. I have multiple doctors and multiple locations. Do you have experience with larger-than-average practices?

Yes. The smallest practice we've worked with had just one team member, while the largest has in excess of 140. I'm going to sound like a broken record, but the fact is our practices are all far more similar than they are different. Most "Gems" that work well in a one doctor one hygienist practice... work FOUR TIMES AS WELL in a four doctor four hygienist practice.    

Of course there are some differences, but for the most part the majority of what you'll find on "Planet Gems" will work as well for the larger practices as it does for the smaller. Again, just means you'll get multiples of the result, but for the same reasonable membership fee.    

Q. It's only me and one part-time team member. I have a very small practice open only 3 days a week. I would love to do better for my patients and make more money... Can you help?

Maybe. It depends upon why your practice is having trouble growing. Back in the 1980's I came close to opening my practice in a location that would have all but guaranteed failure to thrive. It was pure luck that I didn't end up opening there. You don't have to have the best location (we've done very well with doctors in a wide range of less than ideal locations). But if you're in a situation anything like the one I almost bought in the 1980's then the best help I could be would be to tell you to MOVE!    

If your lack of growth and failure to thrive comes from fear of change... fear of trying new things... then I'm certain I cannot help. "Gems" are for those who are open to making a few really simple tweaks here and there... try some fun stuff, some EASY things that have been proven time and again to improve patient care and grow practice revenue.     

You also have one more challenge that most don't. No team. Although you can absolutely learn and deploy a "Gem," it's much more fun/easy/profitable when you have at least one or two full-time team members who can help you grow. We have many "Team Training Toolkits" with which team members can help a practice thrive. That said, if you're willing to try one or two strategies yourself (and perhaps with the help of your one part-timer) it's possible that in short order you'll have enough extra revenue to hire one or two full-time team. It will not be as easy for you, initially, with no team, but if you're willing to try we're happy to have you with us and we're here to help.    

Q. Years ago I hired a company to improve our perio department. They told us we should be doing phase one perio on nearly 50% of our patients! I felt they were suggesting what would be gross over treatment. Now we're in the opposite direction. We're serving almost none of our patients' periodontal needs. How do you determine how much or how little we should be doing? I don't want to scare away my entire patient base! Is there a happy medium?   

Good question and the answer is that it's entirely up to you. I'm here to help you get more acceptance of whatever you feel is in your patients' best interest. The answer is, whatever you feel in your mind and in your heart is the very best possible care for each individual patient. That answer will differ from patient to patient and doctor to doctor.    

I share with my Gems Family members my 6-Step System to Ensure Patients Best Periodontal Health. It's very straightforward (again the broken record, but the Gems really are EASY). My system gives your team a FRAMEWORK for DECISION-MAKING... and best of all, it ensures that: 1) A decision is made for each patient; 2) YOUR PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY of care is an integral part of the process; 3) Once the decision is made that your patient has a level of periodontal disease that would benefit from care, that care is recommended using our verbal skills and graphics which are crafted to gain higher patient acceptance. Most practices lack any such system.    

That said, let's say you want to walk before you run. Even just two perio phase I patients added per week above what you are currently treating will, in most offices, result in a $100,000.00 increase in revenue (almost pure profit as there are hardly any supplies involved and no lab). Will you find more than two patients in a given week in need of periodontal care? Very likely yes. But it's important to recognize that even small steps in the direction of better care for your patients may result in significantly increased revenue and profit.    

Q. I am not a great leader... I feel like I'm having a hard time holding my team members accountable as a result. Do you have systems that can help me?

Contrary to popular belief, most leaders are not "Born..." they are developed. If you are willing to learn and take action on what you must do in order to become the leader your team needs, then yes, I can help. Although much of what we do for our "Gems Family" is Team Training, if your leadership skills need improvement, then as a Gems Family Member, ask your Personal Gems Concierge to show you where to access, "An 18 Step System for Developing Leadership Excellence."      

Don't let the fact that there are 18 steps be of concern. You'll be able to consume this video training in less time than you likely spend on email one evening... but the consequences of investing in growing your leadership skills could change the course of the rest of your life, for the better. What is YOUR vision of YOUR DREAM PRACTICE and LIFE? Give it serious thought. Write it down. Now you only have 17 steps to go!     

Q. I hired a marketing company to help bring in more new patients. I know we're seeing a few more new patients than before, but it's costing me a darned fortune. How can I figure out if I should continue with them (what SHOULD I be getting for results for my marketing investment?) Can you help? 

You are wise to question whether or not your marketing dollars are working for you, and if so, to what extent. There are many different measures of marketing effectiveness. ROI (return on investment), CPA (cost per acquisition), type of patients attracted... a particular source could bring in a huge new patient flow at a seemingly low CPA yet seeing those patients may be costing you a fortune. You must take into account the percentage adjustment required for Medicaid or a PPO with poor reimbursement plus the cost of acquisition. You also factor in the LAV (lifetime average value of a new patient in your practice) when looking at the results from each marketing source.     

These are some of the things with which we will help you evaluate whether or not your marketing is working for you... or you are working for your marketing! Once your Personal Gems Concierge and/or your Gems Coach has had a chance to look at this with you they will be able to make recommendations to help you make better informed decisions regarding where to spend your marketing dollars. You may also want to ask them why the notion of a "marketing budget" is almost always botched by dentists and the "gurus" who advise them on what percentage they should be spending on marketing.     

Q. I would like to do more cosmetic cases without spending a fortune on advertising? Is that even possible? 

During my 22 years practicing chairside three areas of focus excited me the most. Esthetic or appearance-related dentistry, bonded porcelain reconstruction, and occlusion/TMJ. In 1990 I became the first dentist in Massachusetts to be accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). Subsequently I served as an examiner for 6 years for the AACD accreditation process.      

I bring this up not to boast, rather to point out that I had to figure out how to get lots of cosmetic cases in order to prepare for and pass the AACD accreditation exam. I did a fair amount of external marketing which attracted many great cosmetic cases. But I also developed a system for my 5 hygienists which consistently generated cases from within the practice. Your existing patients already know and love you. Your existing relationship makes it more likely they'll accept your recommendations (vs. a brand new patient who only just met you).      

The key is to develop a system with which your team can identify existing patients who may be interested in a smile makeover, who would benefit from such care, yet have never expressed interest in cosmetic treatment. Furthermore to identify and inspire those folks without alienating others (who may have unsightly teeth but have zero desire to change). We offer our Gems Family Members a GoldMine Team Training Toolkit titled, "How to Add $20,000.00 of Cosmetic Dentistry in the Next 30 Days." This system, if deployed, could result in at least one additional cosmetic case every month... adding $100,000.00, perhaps $200,000.00 or more per year.      

Q. I was born a skeptic. If your program really could do as you say... increase my practice by even $50,000 or $100,000 with just one or two ideas that you share... Simple to implement Etc... Why do you charge so little?

On the one hand, Elizabeth (my wife, the Engineer) and I feel it best serves our mission to keep our fees in a range where just about every doctor who wants to, may become a part of our Gems Family. Our mission: Together we are dedicated to improve the health and longevity of 3,000,000 people, one smile at a time. By keeping Gems Insiders' Circle affordable for all, we will best serve you, and by extension, the patients whose lives you touch.  

On the other hand, for the value we offer, it's very likely we will be increasing the monthly investment in Platinum membership in the near future.   

Q. What gave you the idea to start "Gems" in the first place?

Several decades ago I flew from Boston to Florida for a two-day continuing ed course. I'm not certain, but I think it was about dental insurance. What I do remember is how I felt on the plane ride home. I was frustrated that I'd wasted three and a half days of my life (two days in session plus travel time). By the middle of the first day my eyes had glazed over. I just didn't see myself (or my team) having any interest in applying what they were teaching.         

What they taught that afternoon depended upon the foundation laid out that morning. Getting any value from the information on day two depended upon doing what they recommended throughout day one. What I realized on the plane was the most of the continuing education courses (as well as consulting programs) in dentistry are taught in an extreme linear fashion. What you learn on day 1 during hour 1 begins to lay the foundation. Then hour 2 builds on what you learned in hour 1, and so on. On the surface this makes good sense. The flaw in that process is the assumption that you are going to connect with everything from the start. In real life it just doesn't always happen that way.        

For example, that trip to Florida. They taught things during the first morning that I either didn't understand, or, understood but just didn't agree with. Since everything else on the afternoon of that first day and the entire second day depended upon adopting what they taught from the start, for me, the entire trip was a waste.         

On the flight home a light bulb went off over my head. My epiphany was that there had to be a better way and it became clear exactly what that was. The "Gems" were born! In 1988 I began "1000 Gems SeminarsTM."          

The concept was so simple. During the seminar I would share a potpourri or smorgasbord of "Gems." Each "Gem" is an individual succinct idea, concept, strategy or tactic. Some are super quick to explain. Many can be explained in 10 to 20 minutes. Even the more complex can be consumed in well under an hour. They are all EASY to deploy. Most important... ONE GEM DOES NOT DEPEND UPON THE PRIOR GEM!  

When you attended a 1000 Gems SeminarTM I would always tell the attendees... "If you don't like a Gem or have already done it, just wait a few minutes and we'll be on to something entirely different!" Over a 20+ year period I presented Gems Seminars in 48 of the 50 United States and in 4 countries. I expanded to Gems Publishing, USA, Inc... our books, newsletters, DVDs, CDs, MP3, MP4, Special Reports and more have been enjoyed by dentists in 47 countries around the world. 

Today, "Gems Insiders' CircleSM." Our Platinum members have literally become our family (thus the "Gems Family). We hope to have the opportunity to share "Planet Gems" with you as well. Together, we are dedicated to improving the health and longevity of 3,000,000 people, one smile at a time!

Q. I like the idea of Gems membership but in the past have been in other programs where the monthly fee was really only the base fee... turned out that in order to grow your practice you had to buy all these add-ons... Should I be concerned?

Nope. When you become a member of our Gems Insiders' Circle Family you'll have access to a TREASURE TROVE of proven-effective practice-building Gems. You've probably already heard me say we encourage our members to do LESS not more. You don't need to buy other programs, services, products or add-ons to enjoy tremendous levels of professional satisfaction, practice growth and revenue increase.         

It's possible from time to time we may offer an additional product or service. But your success in our program is NOT at all dependent upon your purchasing anything beyond the membership.  Dr. Brown (video at the top of this page) is a great example of a doctor who has purchased only the month-to-month membership, been with us for many many years, and has blown the doors off every possible expectations... his and ours!

Q. I have a young lady on my team who is very outgoing and builds relationships quite easily with new patients. Right now I really don't want to add a bunch of advertising. Do you have any Gems with which she might be able to increase our new patient flow without advertising?

One of my favorite ways to attract new patients is through "Guerrilla Marketing." We'll call it GM for short. GM often attracts THE VERY BEST POSSIBLE PATIENTS. The main reason you can bring in a higher quality patient (i.e., serious about better health and allowing us to help them achieve it) with GM is that you have the opportunity to build relationship even before the new patient ever sets foot inside your door.  

Rhetorical question: who is more likely to accept your recommendations for treatment... a patient who has been coming in for regular visits for the past several years, or the woman who just drove by this morning, saw your sign and decided to stop and schedule a checkup? Clearly the answer is the long-term patient. Why? Simple. RELATIONSHIP. With relationship comes TRUST. With TRUST comes increased likelihood of accepting and following through with your recommendation for care. 

Guerrilla Marketing gives you the opportunity to establish relationship between your team member(s) and prospective new patients prior to even scheduling their first visit. By the time they arrive at your office for the first time they already feel like they know you (cuz to some extent, they do!). If you have one or more team members who are outgoing, enjoy meeting new people, and easily establish new relationships, your team members will LOVE Gems' Guerrilla Marketing Strategies and your practice will very likely enjoy increased new patient flow as a result. Ask your Personal Gems Concierge about the various ways we can train your team in "Event-Based Marketing!" 

Q. I constantly receive marketing saying MY RECEPTIONIST IS SCREWING UP prospective new patient calls. Quite frankly I don't appreciate their attitude and would never buy from them. But I would like someone to train my team to improve converting callers on the phone into butts in my chair. Do you offer that?

We do. As a member of our Gems Insiders' Circle family, ask your Personal Gems Concierge to hook you up with our Team Training Toolkit, "Gems Breakthrough Phone Advantage." As part of the training your team will be introduced to the Gems Phone Advantage Scoresheet. 100 possible points. They'll learn about the 10 things never to do during a new patient phone call as well as the 10 things that MUST happen during the call. Like all the "Gems"... it's easy. Just a matter of having a well defined system to help your team do their very best on every prospective new patient phone call.  

Q. I must be referring a Maserati, Mercedes, or maybe even a Bentley to my orthodontist every year. He and I are golf buddies and I like him but all he sends me in return is a turkey at Thanksgiving and a Mont Blanc pen for Christmas. Doesn't quite seem balanced. Figure I've sent all three of his kids through Ivy League college at this point. Can you help me figure out how to find, negotiate with, and hire specialists?

Before I sold my practices I had 35 team members, 5 general dentists, an orthodontist and a periodontist. A number of years ago, before my GPs performed 95% of our endo, I had an endodontist as well. You are (very) smart to think about adding specialists as in-house "Hired Guns" to perform your speciality treatment on-site, as part of your team. Patients far prefer not having to be referred out of the practice for care. 

It's professionally rewarding (and really helpful) to be able to work side-by-side with your specialists. No longer are you playing phone tag, drawing diagrams on radiographs or emails. You work together, as a team, with your specialists, on behalf of your patients. And yes, financially it's a WINDFALL. Instead of sending their kids to college, now they help send yours!

Ask your Personal Gems Concierge for "How to Find, Negotiate with, and Hire Specialists."

Q. Sorry to hear about your near Crash and Burn, you're "Perfect Storm" and all that, but my practice is doing just fine and I'm wondering if your program would be a fit for me... I'm already doing really well and am just looking for something that's going to help me CRANK IT UP TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

Good question. Watch the compilation video on the first page of this site. There are 66 dentists on that video (actually I have upwards of 150 dentists telling their stories on video...). The one thing they all have in common is that EASY GEMS helped them CRANK UP THEIR REVENUE to levels most of them never imagined possible. Other than that their stories are all different. Some were doing really well before they adopted the "Gems," while others were struggling and "Gems" was their first true beacon of hope. 

Some of our members practice in rural areas, while others are in suburbs and the rest in major metropolitan areas. Gems Family members have small teams of 2 and huge multi-location practices with 140+ team members. We have docs who are strictly fee-for-service and others who are in network with a number of PPOs. Chances are since you are already doing well, your team would pick up my Gems in an instant.  

Q. I'll be turning 73 this summer. My wife and I have lived a modest life. My concern is that I don't have much put away and that if I were to retire I know I would not be able to even maintain the lifestyle we have enjoyed so far. Am I too old at 73 to start with your gems?

You are only too old if you think you are too old. Cool thing is that you may find you need not even live such a modest life. Now, or in your retirement... if you even choose to retire. Check out Dr. Curtis Z's story on this site. Curtis joined Gems when he was nearly 70 years old, in debt and zero retirement money put away. Today he's perhaps a year older than you are, but has no debt and over $1,000,000.00 socked away.   

Now that he could retire if he chose, he has no intention of doing so! Says he's enjoying dentistry, his patients, and his life far too much to change a thing. Most important is that he created the CHOICE to do whatever he wants. For the moment, he's happy "retiring in practice." At some point if he chooses to pursue other retirement interests and hang up his drill... he can.  

Gems Platinum membership will allow you, at a nominal fee and no ongoing obligation beyond the month you're in, to see for yourself what kind of results you'd get. Focus on JUST ONE GEM at a time. There are tons, but focusing on JUST ONE will give you a far better (and faster) result than allowing yourself to become overwhelmed. Don't even give yourself a timeline. Let's say you decided to try (my recommendation) Adult Fluoride. Your patients would benefit and you could add $30,000.00, $40,000.00 perhaps even $50,000.00 per year to your revenue. Nearly PURE PROFIT. No timeline. 

Some of our members nail Adult Fluoride in as little as a week or two. Others take longer. Heck, take a month or two. Would you be willing to wait 6 or 8 weeks for your hygienist to perfect a verbal skill which will result in better patient care and up to a $50,000.00 increase in revenue? Most of our Gems Family members enjoy around 80% acceptance of Adult Fluoride once they are up to speed. The verbal skill is short enough that it fits on a 3 x 5 card! In fact as a Gems Family member, you'll get video training, live phone training from one of our coaches, and in your welcome package you'll receive several high quality heavy plastic 3 x 5 Fluoride verbal skills cards.  

Of course Fluoride verbal skills are just one of many (many!) Gems available to you as a Platinum member of our Gems Family. Too old? Nope. I don't think so!

Q. Ok Tom I believe you... I'm just not sure I believe me. What I mean is that I don't doubt that you and other members have had positive results. But my team and I have tried so many different things before and we just don't seem to get the results. Any suggestions?

You and your team must WANT to improve. I don't doubt your interest, or you wouldn't be here with me right now. The question you've got to ask yourself is "What about my team?" You say you've tried many different things, all without results. Perhaps one source here or there may not have had the best information. But if you've been to many courses or worked with multiple consultants, it'd be odd (truly strange) not to have come across at least a few concepts that should have worked.  

Although we hate to admit it, the cold harsh reality is that there are some team members who are the WRONG team members if you're looking to improve. The GOOD NEWS is that you don't need a whole team of superstar team members to succeed. You just need ONE or TWO good ones who are willing to help you improve your patients' health, and your practice. If you have even one upon whom you know you can rely to TRY... then give Platinum membership a shot. You need only make a single Gem work in order to pay for your membership for YEARS to come.   

Q. I am a Board Certified Prosthodontist practicing in a wealthy area. Do you feel your Gems family would be appropriate for me?

Maybe. It depends upon 1. What you're looking for, and, 2. Your mindset.  

Let's start with what you're looking for. You have advanced training in occlusion, crown & bridge and esthetics, as well as extensive training in implant restoration. If you would like to increase your new patient flow (specifically targeting patients who need restorative and are fee-for-service) we can help you with that. If you're getting nearly 100% case acceptance then clearly that's not an area you need my help... but if you're achieving anything less, then YES... we have some "Gems" you'll appreciate there as well. But that's just scratching the surface. Fact is that there are countless areas in which we can very likely help you with your practice.  

Now let's talk about mindset. As I think about it, this really should have been first. If you feel, based upon your advanced levels of education (your Masters and Board Certification) that the simple, "EASY GEMS" I share every day with general dentists (like me) wouldn't apply to you, then you are correct. If, on the other hand, you think they would... you're also right! 

I've worked with many prosthodontists who've done very well with the "Gems." Fact is, our businesses are far more similar than they are different. In particular I remember one prosthodontist who came to mind the moment I read your question. He has a high-end practice on Central Park in Manhattan. Although he had an open mind he did ask me if I thought one of my most bread and butter "Gems" was going to apply to a Prosthodontist in Manhattan. He gave it a shot. LOVED it. He realized it was good for his patients and he added a quick $50,000.00 to his revenue with that one concept. So if you're open to trying new things, want to do better for your patients, and would like a path to rapidly increasing revenue, then yes, you'll enjoy and benefit from becoming a member of our "Gems Family."